Terms and Conditions


1.Perfect Gateway
The platform called Perfect Gateway enables vendors to host both online and offline events for Perfect Gateway consumers to access (Customers). As a vendor, you have the option of charging a fee or, in some cases, providing your event gratis. You are aware that listing your Event on Perfect Gateway may incur a non-refundable fee from Perfect Gateway.
2. Submitting your applications for review on Perfect Gateway
2.1 Process for Approval: Before being listed as a Perfect Gateway Vendor, your application must pass the approval process set forth by Perfect Gateway. You will need to fill out a "Get Started" form where you may enter your information and choose the Perfect Gateway plan you want to use. The submitted Events will be listed on Perfect Gateway once the review and approval procedure has been successfully completed. You are aware that Perfect Gateway retains the right to alter the standards and procedures for reviews at any time.
2.2 Registration of Events:
Prior to the initial availability date you specify for your Events on Perfect Gateway, you must register the Event along with any other information that Perfect Gateway reasonably requests from you with regard to such Application, such as the title, description, icon, logo, and trademarks. You are in charge of giving true information about your Application. If any of the information you have supplied is incorrect, you will give Perfect Gateway the correct information right away.
2.3 Financial Terms for physical event:
If you decide to organize your Event through Perfect Gateway for a price, you must get in touch with them and sign an appropriate contract outlining the event listing costs and other specifics, such as Perfect Gateway's marketing commitments with regard to the promotion of your Event.
2.4 End User License Agreement:
It is exclusively the responsibility of the Vendor to ensure that Voters are aware of the license terms of your Application (also known as the "End User License Agreement" or "EULA"). The vendor must make sure that your EULA is clearly explained. You agree that Perfect Gateway disclaims all responsibility and liability for your or any other customer's compliance or lack thereof with an EULA.
2.5 Compliance:
It is the responsibility of the vendor to make sure that his portal activities abide with this Agreement's terms as well as any and all laws that may be relevant to the establishment or operation of the Events. The terms and conditions of this Agreement will control in the event of any direct conflict with the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
3 Support Obligations
The vendor consent to make commercially reasonable efforts to give Customers chat, email, and/or telephone support regarding their use of the Events. You agree that Perfect Gateway has no responsibility whatsoever for supporting the Events and that it is solely the vendor's responsibility to provide customers with adequate support. A current email address that Perfect Gateway can use to forward customer support questions about the applications is something you must give them. Within four (4) days of receiving a support request from Perfect Gateway or a customer, you must respond. You consent to responding within six (6) hours of receiving our support request in situations where we deem a problem to be critical.
4. Restrictions and Responsibilities
4.1 You represent and warrant that you are authorized to enter into this Agreement, and that all information you provide to Perfect Gateway is true, accurate and complete;

4.1 The Events you submit for listing on Perfect Gateway website are covered by all intellectual property rights that are duly licensed or owned by you. You specifically warrant that you have not copied the script or logic for the Event from Event developed by other vendors. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your Event does not violate any third-party rights (including intellectual property rights and rights of privacy or publicity) or any laws or regulations;
4. 2 If you include data in your Event, you represent that the data is properly licensed or owned by you. You also understand that by licensing an Application with data, you grant the Customers the right to use that data.
4.4 You agree not to use irrelevant tags, descriptions, or screenshots for Events that you submit for inclusion on Perfect Gateway.
4.3 You agree that other vendors may create and host similar or competing Events. You agree not to file any intellectual property infringement claims against such vendors in relation to similar or competing applications developed independently by them.
4.4 You agree to include in any Application any attributions, copyright information, and other notices, terms, and conditions that may be required to be provided to Customers as a result of your use of third-party "open source" software or other third-party intellectual property. Perfect Gateway's use of any Application (in any manner permitted by this Agreement) will not subject it to or cause it to violate any open source or other third-party terms or agreements of any kind.
4.5 Customers may be granted the ability to modify your Event. If you allow the Customers to change the Events, you are solely responsible for reaching an agreement with them.

4.6 You agree not to post any Event that could be used in an illegal manner.

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