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User Experience and User Interface Design

A User Interface connects people and systems. Perfect Gateway Limited applies UX and UI best practices to client projects using internal technologies.

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User Experience encompasses much more than a site's usability, though it is often confused with User Interface. A User Interface is a point of interaction and a means of communication between a person and system. Interfaces are a mere subset of the greater User Experience. JamaConcept uses industry-best practices for both UX and UI and has developed a set of internal tools to help apply them to clients' projects.

We'll quickly move from concept to prototype in order to ensure that the next iteration is just around the corner. Our process involves learning about your project, company, team and users so that we can create the best experience for everyone using the product.

What we provide

We provide truly prominent software methodologies.

UI/UX Strategy

We spend some of our time providing consulting services to businesses who may already have an app but need assistance creating the best user experience possible.

Industry-wide Best Practices

We spend a portion of our weekly time reading and researching fresh methods and recommended business practices.

Combining aesthetics and performance

Users expect your software to always work. Application performance demands foresight. We design natural, appealing interfaces.

Design Agnostic Designs

Our objective is to concentrate on designs that are beautiful on a variety of devices and transcend device screen size.

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