Refund Policy

We provide a Money Back Guarantee for Clients and Voters on the platforms developed from Perfrect Gateway.

Terms of Refund:

  • Requests for refunds can be made if the date of initial payment has not exceeded seven days.
  • Clients cannot make refund request when voting activities have already begun and voters have made financial commitments
  • When the system has been setup but voting activities has not commenced, clients clients can only make request for 50% of the amount paid. This is because part of the payment has been used to procure service infrastructures such as server space, domain names, ssl etc.
  • For the Voter: Refund request can be made if the money has been confirmed to have been deducted from the voter's account but not appear in the vote count. In this case, the voter can request for 100% refund or that the vote be allotted to a particular contestant.
  • If the payment is made by accident. We can only accept that a vote is cast by accident if the voter has already made a vote before then the second vote might be an accident.
  • Refund request cannot be made if there is less than four days till the end of the voting exercise.
  • Refunds will be given in the same currency as was used for the original order.

Reversal Process
Transaction reversal is the process by which payments made with a bank card are returned to that card. Refunds for bank transfer payments or EFT are processed through bank transfers using the account holder's provided banking information. Before we approve the refund, we need banking information and verification that the request email was sent from the authorized email address on the billing account.
Before we approve the refund, we need banking information, verification that the requester is the account holder, a copy of their ID, and a copy of the company registration document if it was not provided from the authorized email address.
Refunds for Flutterwave payments and Paystack payments are given to the Paystack account that initiated the payment via Paystack or flutterwave. On request, Flutterwave or Paystack will refund payments made through the service.

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